Kirstie’s series of fortunate events

Kirstie One

Kirstie Rowson has just launched her first storybook app. And it’s a very Christmassy affair.


David Ajasa-Adekunle

IMG_8609 new

David Ajasa-Adekunle is the architect responsible for making sheds cool.


Emily Blunden


Interiors and props stylist Emily Blunden is a maker of wonderful things.


Clare Pollard

Claire Landscape

Clare Pollard is a woman of enthusiasm. She is also a poet and was once known as the bad girl from Bolton.


Nick Street


Nick Street talks fast with a flurry of ideas. And his films retain the energy of their maker.


Sean Mahoney


Former boxer and master of the spoken word, Sean Mahoney is as at home in the ring and in the round.


Olivia Hanson


Fashion graduate Olivia Hanson’s inflatable designs are a breath of fresh air. She’s one to watch.